In previous posts, we have discussed the purpose and utility of purchasing medical payments coverage through your own auto insurance carrier. In this post, we offer the following advice to those searching for an injury attorney:

Ask the prospective attorney if, and under what circumstances, he/she will take a portion of any medical payments benefits recovered on your behalf.

Sometimes called “med pay,” medical payments coverage plays a crucial role in (1) when your medical bills are paid; and (2) the amount of your net recovery after everything else is paid. Many law offices require a fee for collecting these benefits, which is deducted from the amount received from the insurance company.

Heaton & Associates takes a different approach. While we work to collect the full amount of your med pay benefits, we consider such proceeds to be uniquely yours, and do not take a fee for that service. Consequently, any med pay recovery can better serve to grease the wheels of your claim, resulting in a faster and more favorable settlement.

Remember: The terms of your retainer agreement can transform your advocate into your adversary. Taking ownership of your claim from the outset will allow you to make the decisions that are right for you. Be proactive. Stay informed. Heaton & Associates can help.