Medical Costs: You Have Options

When an accident requires medical treatment, there are two common payment options: (1) Bill your health insurance to pay as you go; or (2) Request that your attorney execute a lien with your providers guaranteeing payment at the time of recovery. Even if you have terrific health insurance, the facts [...]

The Breaking Point

The financial backdrop of injury claims is unique from other areas of law. Whereas flat fees and retainers guarantee payment in advance, legal services pertaining to injury claims are typically paid on a contingency basis. This means that, rather than collecting a fee up front, the lawyer agrees to accept [...]

Med-Pay: Is Your Attorney Taking Your Money?

In previous posts, we have discussed the purpose and utility of purchasing medical payments coverage through your own auto insurance carrier. In this post, we offer the following advice to those searching for an injury attorney: Ask the prospective attorney if, and under what circumstances, he/she will take a portion [...]

Car Repairs: Q&A

If you have been in an accident, getting your car fixed is probably your first priority. Until it is drivable, your life will be affected by more than just your physical injuries. The following are several car repair questions often posed by our clients: --- Question: Who Will Pay To [...]

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